Nessun Dorma

A friend sent me an America’s Got Talent YouTube video last week. It was from a year ago, so I may or may not have seen it before. Regardless, when I watched it I started crying. The child’s singing touched my heart as so often happens when I watch that show. I hope you enjoy it too.

Sooryagayathri- A Mesmerizing Child Singer

Last week a friend introduced me to a child singer, Sooryagayathri from Kerala, India and I have been listening to her sing almost every day since then. I think her voice is exquisite, even divine.

Her teacher, Kuldeep Pai from Chennai, is planning to release her songs only through Facebook and YouTube. He said:

I don’t wish to make any monetary profit from these video series, so they won’t be released as CDs. I just want people to appreciate Sooryagayathri’s talent, and want other children to get inspired by her. I am delighted at the responses I have been getting so far. Some of them see her as a prodigy and some, as goddess Saraswathi herself.

There are many videos in her series and every one I’ve heard has been beautiful. I’ve picked three to share with you. I believe she was nine when the first one was released and either nine or ten in the others. In Ganesha Pancharatnam she is singing along with her teacher; she sings alone in the other two. I hope you enjoy listening to her as much as I do.

I Don’t Know My Name

It has been years since I’ve watched “America’s Got Talent” but I put it on while I was waiting to hear the results of yesterday’s U.S. election primaries. I cried when I saw this performance last night, and cried even more when I watched it on YouTube a few minutes ago.

Judge Howie Mandel loved her performance so much that he hit the Golden Buzzer which allows her to go directly to the live shows that occur towards the end of the competition.