7 thoughts on “The Beautiful Banana Leaf

  1. Well, it is a little embarrassing but I will comment by saying this. I grew up with Banana trees (maybe different from palms) in our yard. Yum. Small fat sweet bananas. And I LOVED the leaves…biggest ones I’d ever seen. When the plant was done (I guess they would die after their yearly blossom) I would take a butter knife and use it as a “paint brush” to gently scrape along the different patterns and designs your photos show above. Every other line or swirls only or whatever…because doing so would almost instantly turn the section I had dragged my knife on a much darker green. Voila! ART! I realized years later I was making the plant leaf “bleed”. Yikes. Then my Dad tried to reassure me by reminding me that the plant was dying and I was making it even more beautiful…
    There you have it. My banana leaf (not palm) story!

    Oh and in Fiji we were served a gourmet meal that was poured out on a long line of banana leaves, as a table cloth covering the ground.


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    1. Sounds like you created a beautiful piece of art.

      I always called them banana trees too but in studying them for a different post two years ago, I learned they aren’t trees, they are plants. In fact, they are classified as grasses! Blew my mind. I’m going to talk about some of that in a future post.

      When I first traveled on Amma’s Indian tours we stayed in Indian devotees houses. They served us our food on banana leaves.

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      1. I find when I was taking painting classes a long time ago I noticed things even more. Photography is the same. In the past 4 years I walk the same street and see things that tell stories and differently from week to week. Telling myself stories keeps me company…well, that was before I started chanting. I find composing and chanting are both spiritual moments for me.


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