Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

Several years ago, my brother sent me copies of some of my father’s photos. I decided to look through those for examples of “Atop.” I found some good ones!

Atop the carousel horse


Atop my chair


Atop the stairs on my grandparents’ houseboat


Atop the post


With my father atop the horse

Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

    1. It is weird to see photos of me. I have no memory of any of those times, although I remember two of the photos. The one in the chair and the one with my father. Actually, when I think about it, I do have actual memory of being on my grandfather’s houseboat.

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  1. All of these hold so true with every essence of the word atop!Thank you for sharing these.I am delighted on seeing them.The pictures are so adorable.I particularly loved the one atop the horse.You look quite perplexed yet beautiful with your father!!

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