Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week 2 Photo

My life has been so focused on the Greenbelt restoration project that I rarely write posts about other topics. Today one of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges caught my eye and I decided to participate. Each week of this challenge, she will post a photo and our job is to submit one or more photos that fit the challenge. This week’s photo is:

Her suggested topics are: truck, mural, octopus, whale, animal, painting, orange, black, water, lighthouse, ocean, vivid, vintage, blue, etc. I decided to use the following topics: ocean, red-orange and mural.


I snapped this ocean photo on the beach in Amritapuri, India in 2015. The 2004 tsunami had washed the beach away. At some point after that, big rocks were placed along the coastline in an attempt to prevent further beach erosion. I took the photo in the early morning when villagers could be seen fishing in canoes and boats.


The first red-orange photo is of a poppy soon after it began to open. The second is a microscopic shot of the center of an echinacea flower from my garden. The third is a picture of a flower I saw in Amritapuri, India.


Artists are painting stairways around Seattle as part of the Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School project. The stairs in these photos are near the part of the Beacon Hill Greenbelt we are restoring. If you look down the stairs you don’t see anything but plain concrete. But if you look from the bottom up, this is what you see!

A few days ago, a friend sent me an article about two of the artists who are doing this work. To read it click here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

Last week’s photo challenge was to share a photo of something “unlikely”; something that may fit into the category of “never say never”.

I, for the most part, stopped saying “never” decades ago when I realized that many, if not most, of the things that I said “never” to ended up being an important part of my life journey.

I first recognized that pattern in my early 40’s when in a span of 2 years I became a devotee of an Indian guru (and still am), a “groupie” of a rock band named “Tribal Therapy” (for about a year), and started going to an African-American Pentecostal church (for about 15 years.) At the time when these life changes began, I had described myself as being somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist for 20 years. If, at that time, someone had told me these things would become a life focus of mine, I would have adamantly said “never… no way… not a chance”.

The other area where I have moved from “never” to it being a life focus is photography. I took some photos as a teenager, a college student and when my children were young but at some point developed the belief that photography keeps one from being in the moment; that you don’t “live” when you are focused on preserving a past moment.

I started blogging in 2014. I soon decided that my posts looked better when there were photos in them. Since most photos on the internet are copyrighted, I started looking for ones in the public domain. While over the years I have found some good sources, like pixabay.com and Creative Commons, finding free photos was a very time consuming endeavor at first. It occurred to me that I could solve that problem by taking photographs of my own.

As my interest in nature developed, I became interested in nature photography. At that point, a whole new world opened up for me.

I even bought a microscope and began to snap pictures with my iPhone and an adapter.

I suspect photography will be in my life for a long time.

This photo was taken yesterday, 5-9-18

I will continue to make it a practice to (almost) never say never.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

This is the view from the upper deck of my house. The magnolia tree and the blue spruce are in my yard. Beyond them is the Greenbelt which is full trees and plants awakening.

I love watching ferns in their awakening process. Each of the photos below  is of a different fern. Most of them are in the Greenbelt.

By June, many of them will look like this.