18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Wheel

  1. I can only imagine the others that you found…funny how wheels and tires get tossed as if people have no clue they do not disintegrate. You and your team are doing such a fabulous job, Karuna!

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    1. We’ve had so many trash pick ups and it still isn’t done. People have been dumping for 50 years. This is dumping but I learned this week that many of Seattle’s larger parks were built on landfills, so there was even more trash there.


      1. Oh dear! I just discovered talking with my sister that the parking lot of our church in my hometown was a cemetery. The famous Frère André was buried there with his parents. The moved the saint but his parents are still there apparently.

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    2. I didn’t see an elevator but there must be one. There were several escalators that were out and I had to carry my stuff up or down the stairs but I can’t imagine doing it with that escalator. It was scary to even step onto it.


      1. At my subway stop there are no elevators and the escalator has 80 steps…I have my inhaler to boost me up…haha but surely there has to be an elevator for that height…sheeesh!

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      2. In the summer it is better and I try to balance the weight now by putting my lunch and other items in another bag…but being away 12 to 13 hours but I am working on taking less things now.


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