Inspirational Videos

Sreejit sent me the link to a video yesterday. I loved it:

This morning I played it again. As I was doing that, I noticed another video by the same group. When I listened to/watched it, I got goosebumps. By the end, I was teary.

What a good way to start my day. I hope these music videos also brighten your morning/afternoon/evening.

7 thoughts on “Inspirational Videos

  1. Well, it sure brightened my day also.

    The first song always takes me back to Tigne, France for the Winter Paralympics in 1992.

    You know the Olympics opening ceremony? The spectacular performance so many people watch the regular Olympics for? It wasn’t previously the case for the Paralympics.
    So picture this:
    We were in a valley surrounded by some of the highest, snow-covered peaks of the French Alps. As each country walked (and “wheeled”) around the field, a song that country had chosen played. From the tops of those steep mountains, came hang gliders, floating, swirling, dancing down, aiming for the field the audience of thousands surrounded! These dare-devil flyers, guided their wings made up of that country’s flag, and with perfect timing, landed on the bulls eye at the center of the field.

    Let me tell you, the goosebumps that day were NOT because it as so far below freezing. The goosebumps came hearing Freddie Mercury’s voice, blasting across that valley, singing the song the USA proudly chose….you guessed it!

    We are the Champions!!

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  2. thanks so much for this onelistened to both and got teary alsotheie little faces with so much hope – and talent – are ver needed these daysI forwarded to a slew of friends..loveJ/A

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