Two Amazing … Astounding… and Inspiring Videos

My friend Kathie from Chosenperspectives sent me a video link yesterday for a performance on Georgia’s Got Talent. I watched it this morning and was astounded. I can’t even imagine having the level of concentration and balance that this woman has.

I suggest you watch the whole video, from beginning to end. I think every part of it is important. This video is just over 12 minutes in length.

The video that came up after the one above was amazing for a completely different reason. I decided to share it with you too. Again, watch it from beginning to end. The second one is about 6 1/2 minutes.

Both videos left me speechless and in awe. They also both brought tears to my eyes, running down my cheeks type tears.

3 thoughts on “Two Amazing … Astounding… and Inspiring Videos

  1. Thanks Karuna. Every time I watch it, I learn something new. The potential symbolism throughout is amazing. And people’s reaction to it is so telling…like all of us are craving something here…

    I kept thinking about Virginia Satir (read about her here…)

    And also that lovely saying about the butterfly effect that you can read about here:

    However there are much more lovely and poetic explanations available.

    So important right now, especially given the power of the internet…a single post can be like that wing flapping, causing unimaginable ripples spreading out into the universe!!

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  2. Virginia Satir indirectly had a major role in why I immediately followed up my initial experiences with Amma by going to her New Hampshire retreat and six months later to India.

    Months before I met Amma a friend of mine did a month long intensive with Virginia Satir. I was very eager to have that experience but I had lots of reasons for waiting. After all I had young children at home and many other responsibilities. And then Virginia Satir died. I had lost my opportunity.

    So when I met Amma, I took immediate action. I had learned the potential penalty for waiting.


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