Two Amazing … Astounding… and Inspiring Videos

My friend Kathie from Chosenperspectives sent me a video link yesterday for a performance on Georgia’s Got Talent. I watched it this morning and was astounded. I can’t even imagine having the level of concentration and balance that this woman has.

I suggest you watch the whole video, from beginning to end. I think every part of it is important. This video is just over 12 minutes in length.

The video that came up after the one above was amazing for a completely different reason. I decided to share it with you too. Again, watch it from beginning to end. The second one is about 6 1/2 minutes.

Both videos left me speechless and in awe. They also both brought tears to my eyes, running down my cheeks type tears.

Amma with a Baby

I just found this delightful video on Amma’s Facebook page. It was posted on May 12, 2019.

Amma will be in North America soon.

Seattle, WA: June 6-7
San Ramon, CA: June 9-14
Los Angeles, CA: June 16-18
Santa Fe, NM: June 20-23
Dallas, TX: June 25-26
Atlanta, GA: June 28-29
Washington, DC: July 1-2
New York, NY: July 4-6
Boston, MA: July 8-9
Chicago, IL: July 11-13
Toronto, ON: July, 15-18

For more information go to:

Amma is Coming!

Amma will be starting her 2017 Summer Tour in the Seattle area on Saturday, May 27. She will be holding programs at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue.

Amma is known as a humanitarian and a spiritual leader, teaching and modeling a message of love and service to the poor. She offers a motherly hug to those who come to meet her.

May 27, All Day Program:11 am
May 28 Morning: 10:00am Evening: 7:30pm,
May 29, Morning: 10:00am, Evening 7:00pm (Includes a ceremony for world peace)

(Lines for tokens for Amma’s embrace will start forming 90 minutes before each program. The number of tokens may be limited due to time constraints so it is best to come early if you want a hug.)

All programs are free. For more detailed information about each event click here.

After Amma leaves the Seattle area she will go to San Ramon, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Boston, Washington DC and Toronto. To watch a movie about Amma’s darshan (hugs) and her innumerable humanitarian and charitable activities go to:


शन्त्याः श्वेतपुष्पाणि (White Flowers of Peace)



अम्मा वदति ध्याने श्वेतपुष्पाणि आकाशात् वर्षन्ति पश्यतु इति
Amma says: “During meditation, see white flowers raining from the sky.”

श्वेतपुष्पाणि सर्वम् आच्छादयन्ति
The white flowers are covering everything

लोकाय तानि शन्तिम् आनयन्ति
They bring peace for the world


सर्वानि एतानि श्वेतपुष्पाणि आम्बायाः अमृतपुर्याम् आश्रमे सन्ति
All of these white flowers are in Amma’s Amritapuri ashram.

Living and Learning in Amritapuri (Dec 8-13, 2015)


Tai Chi

I’m still dragging. I know part of it is from the heat and part is from having a cold, but I’ve realized that the Tai Chi I am doing is probably the main culprit. I believe, and my Tai Chi teacher confirmed, that the process is releasing toxins that need to move through and out of my body. My body is softening and I can move in ways that I couldn’t do two weeks ago. Tai Chi is meditative and it is allowing me to find that part of myself again.  The last two times I’ve gone to meditations with Amma, I have slipped into a meditative state.  My mind is so active that I haven’t had that experience for many years.  I am so excited!


Amma sent rescue workers to Chennai when the flooding first happened. Yesterday there were signs around the ashram asking western residents and visitors to  go to Chennai to help with the clean-up effort. Forty left for Chennai last night and I heard that more may go today.


I share my room with this friend  (Hold cursor over pictures to see captions; click on photos to enlarge them.)

One day I saw this creature cross the path in front of me. I couldn’t believe the speed it was moving. It certainly wasn’t a worm and I didn’t think a centipede could move that fast. Turns out it was a millipede, or at least that is what I was told.


Among the things I’ve been dealing with this year are termites. That’s not surprising since this is the tropics. Actually, I’m a bit surprised that I’ve had wood furniture for this long without them. Last week, Akshay removed the wood in the shelves above my window. That stopped the droppings that were forming below the shelves so I’m hoping it solved the problem.

Earlier this year I researched and posted information about a variety of ‘pests’, e.g. slugs, ants, and aphids. I learned so much through that process and my respect for those creatures really increased. I think I will write one on termites.  I’m very eager to learn more about them.

Play Preparation

I’ve been to several of the play rehearsals. I love it as much as I always do. Chaitanya asks me to edit the script once she finishes it so I  know what the story is about but to see it move from words on paper to a play that comes alive always feels miraculous. The music, acting, props, costumes, etc. are so good.

Jani and Sumati have been working on the costumes night and day. I’m beginning to help but am not doing nearly as much as they are.  As I feel better I hope to help more.

Jani and her High Priest costumes


Patience or lack thereof

I had very poor internet connection for the last four days. It has been very frustrating and I haven’t been very patient about it. Yesterday I started the process of getting a new internet stick.  (To get cell phone SIM cards and internet sticks you have to have copies of passports, visas, passport photos, fill out applications, and wait through many lines.  It is a test of patience in and of itself.) I was able to pick up the new stick and activate it a few minutes ago.  So far it feels like SUCCESS.  If so, you will more probably hear from me more often!


This morning I bought cinnamon rolls and took them to the place where Sreejit cooks.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SREEJIT!


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White Flowers of Peace

Amma has been leading a beautiful meditation this summer, one that has us visualize white flowers of peace falling from the skies and covering everything in the world.  The meditation inspired me to make a collage of white flowers.

 लोकः समस्तः सुखिनो भवन्तु

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings in the world be happy.

Introducing My Alter Egos

The Dungeon Prompt assignment for last week stated:

We all have some aspect of our personality that most don’t see.  It may be a superhero that we walk the world as.  It may be a tough guy telling back the bullies that only you hear on the inside while the world sees a soft spoken person.  It may be the shy, sensitive, insecure child that you cover up with a bold and outgoing personality.  Who are you hiding within?  Who do you walk the world as, but most do not see?

As I pondered those words, I thought of three parts of me that are still buried so far within that I barely know them myself. Let me introduce you to them. Continue reading “Introducing My Alter Egos”

Quote Regarding Meditation

Photo Credit: Wikimedia


Today I was sent a quote that was attributed to Buddha.  It said:  “Buddha was asked, ‘What have you gained from meditation?’ He replied, ‘Nothing! But let me tell you what I have lost.  Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old Age and Death.”  I loved the quote but decided to check it out.  While it can be found all over the internet, it was listed under fake Buddha quotes.


An earlier version of the quote is found in the 1973 publication of World Buddhism, Volume 22  by the World Fellowship of Buddhists.  It was not directly attributed to Buddha.


It may be stating the case too strongly to say that in meditation one seeks to gain nothing. For there is an increase in happiness and peace of mind. But when asked, “What have you gained from meditation?” the answer would be: “It is not what I have gained that is important but rather what I have diminished, namely, greed, hatred, and delusion.”


I like thinking of meditation in this way.


My Spirit Led Journey

walkway of flowering trees

May 19, 2014

I am not a meditator, but yesterday I found myself  having the opportunity to practice a form of walking meditation that had occurred spontaneously to me many years ago.  I had decided to take a brief walk in my neighborhood. As I began the walk, I realized I was entering an altered state of consciousness. Strange as it may seem to those of you who are reading this post, I decided I would allow my feet to decide where I would go.

As I looked down the street, my vision became more and more tunneled.  I had the sense I was entering a long walkway covered on the sides and above by flowering trees. Continue reading “My Spirit Led Journey”