One thought on “Amritapuri, India Flowers #2

  1. As i was walking around, i was thinking of the various stages a plant goes thru, the buds, flowers, different colors on the flowers as they age, petals dropping, fruit appearing and ripening, and even the decay if the fruit isn’t plucked. It all reminded me of your blog title…living, learning and letting go. Mother Nature shows us just exactly this in so many ways. The buds appear and blossom…living. The petals mature…learning. The petals drop off…letting go.
    And the cycle repeats itself as the fruit appears…living. Matures and ripens…learning. And with “old age” as the fruit shrivels and drops off…letting go.
    Only to share the wisdom it has gathered through this process as the seeds prepare for a new birth…. And the cycle continues.

    I’m slowly learning the value, and necessity, of letting go. Without letting go, how can we live and learn?

    Thank you, dear one, for sharing of yourself, for sharing your living, learning and letting go. It makes a difference.
    I love you and am so grateful that you’re in my life.


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