Lumosity: Brain Training Games or Coping with a New Reality

Lumosity consists of brain training games. I have been playing them on and off for about 10 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing them and also have enjoyed competing with myself and others my age.

Each game focuses on an area such as speed, problem-solving, attention, divided attention, memory, flexibility, etc. I am fascinated to see that even though my scores are lower than they used to be, I have the same strengths that I had when I played them before. My highest scores are problem solving, attention, and memory. My weakest area was speed in the past and it continues to be lower than other areas.

I remember having a lot of 97- 99 percentile when I was younger but now when I’m compared to my peers my highest areas are in the mid 60 percentiles with the exception of problem solving which is 88.4%

I have been able to get home health services since I have been staying at this senior living facility. One of the home health therapists focuses in part on cognitive areas. She thought any deficits I had could be attributed to stress, but suggested I do some brain training activities. She was delighted when I suggested Lumosity.

One day in the last few weeks, I got my foot caught in a paper bag when I went over it with my walker. I became very stressed when I couldn’t fix the situation.

I was able to eventually figure it out and free myself from the bag. But I am having more problems with my left foot freezing, especially when I’m stressed.

I am also challenged by getting dressed. Sometimes I can’t figure it out and I need help. I don’t necessarily like that I need help, but I appreciate that help is available.

I need to acknowledge and accept the grief about what I’ve lost without losing myself in it. And there will be lots of opportunities to use my problem solving, attention and memory skills. Thank you Lumosity for showing me I continue to have those skills.

2 thoughts on “Lumosity: Brain Training Games or Coping with a New Reality

  1. Shiva Karuna,
    That’s a lot to adjust to and you wear it well….just sayin! I was really touched by your honesty with the desire to grieve what once could be done but now can’t. And even more especially with the awareness not to get lost in it. Isn’t that the need of the hour with all the changes because of corona and all…not to get lost in it?

    Hell, i got super lost in overwhelm while chasing that rat out of my flat…so what do i know? That is small stuff compared to what’s on your plate.

    I’m not yet very comfortable with grief. But I’m wondering if grief is a necessary/ integral part of truly letting go… and when coupled with gratitude for what once was and what still is, if grief and gratitude will morph into a beautiful new way of living and learning? And if gratitude keeps the grief from swallowing us?

    This comes to mind:
    “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

    Blossoming and wholeness don’t always look like what i might think.

    Thanks for continuing to share your journey. It makes a difference.
    Loving you.

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