Jerry: King of the World?

Jerry, the monkey, has been coming to the ashram’s western cafe almost every day for awhile. He almost always takes eggs.

He also has been seen in other parts of the ashram. From some place, he is getting coconuts. Since half eaten onions have been found, we know he is also taking them. I wonder if he gets coconuts from the man who sells fresh coconut water at the ashram daily.

He never comes to the cafe when it is raining. Where does he find shelter from the rain?

There have been other sightings as well. Yesterday, Akshay saw him walking on two legs like a human. The first video is from yesterday when Satvamrita saw him walking on the tin roof of the auditorium.

When I saw the second video, I thought he looked like a king surveying his kingdom, or was he just ignoring Satvamrita?

I would love to hear from you!

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