Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Tracks and Trains

In 2009, Seattle FINALLY opened its first light rail line. This photo is of the Mt. Baker station which is a 5-10 minute walk from my house. It is so nice to be able to go the airport or downtown without driving and/or having to find a place to park.

A few months ago the light rail line expanded to Capitol Hill and the University District but I haven’t taken it to either of those places yet.




Tracks and Trains

Photography 101: Architecture

Years ago, a family in my neighborhood added a futuristic addition to their existing house.  I decided it would make a good subject for this assignment.

Train your eye to look for architectural elements that translate in black and white: sharp lines and patterns, defined shapes, large surface areas, and a mix of very light and very dark colors. Compare the color and monochrome versions of today’s shot.

I took photos of four different angles of the  house and used a variety of effects to make them monochrome.  Below you will see them in color, black and white and sepia followed by a slide show of them with the Holga effect.

And here are the four pictures in Holga.

I took photos of one other house that seems very futuristic, especially since it is located in my neighborhood of 60 to 100 year old homes.  It has probably been here about 20 years by now!

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Written for Photography 101:  Architecture