A Bridge Between Worlds

Sreejit’s directions for this week’s Dungeon Prompt were:

If the journey of your life could be boiled down to a particular mission, what would it be?  What has been the primary focus or purpose of your particular birth?  You may believe that all of life is on a big picture path, but I’m asking about your particular journey.  Is there any lesson or goal that has defined the majority of your life?  What is your life’s mission?

I once used the process that Stephen Covey described in his book First Things First to develop a personal mission statement. The document I created that day is as relevant and alive for me now as it was on the day I created it. (My mission statement can be found in this blog post: Living with Purpose.)

For this prompt, I decided to look at my life’s mission from a different angle. Throughout my adolescence and young adult years I believed that I didn’t “belong” anywhere. That belief developed, at least in part, because I grew up as an army brat. I generally moved every three years, and if I wasn’t leaving then my friends were. No place or group felt like “home,” I always believed I was an outsider.  Continue reading “A Bridge Between Worlds”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

When the tsunami hit Amma’s ashram in Amritapuri, Kerala, India in 2004, everyone in the village and the ashram had to be transported to the mainland by canoe. Over the next two years, Amma built a walking bridge that connected the peninsula to the mainland, so that everybody could be evacuated quickly should the need ever arise again. Last January, I took this photo of that bridge from a canoe.

And I took these when I was walking from the mainland to the ashram in December 2016.

The view from both sides of the bridge is so beautiful.


So Much Beauty

This morning I took a brief trip to Vallikavu, the small town across the backwaters from the ashram. Prior to December 2006, when we wanted to go to town, we had to take a canoe.

After the 2004 tsunami hit the peninsula where the ashram is located, Amma decided to build a footbridge so that the peninsula could be evacuated swiftly should another emergency occur.


Today I stood at the top of that bridge



and looked to the north



and to the south.



Beauty as far as I could see.

After I finished what I needed to do in town, I started walking back to the bridge. Just before I reached it, I was invited to join some people who were taking the canoe. I wanted to buy something at the fruit stand by the bridge so decided not to do that.

Once I bought my fruit, I started climbing the stairs that would take me back to the ashram.



Someday soon, I think I will take that canoe. Even though it has been ten years since I’ve done that, I remember what it was like to be so close to the water and the beautiful sights.

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Daily Prompt: Bridge

The Greenbelt lot behind my house is on a fairly steep decline. In the 70’s, most of it was a beautiful, terraced lot; then the blackberry, ivy and morning glory vines took over. These stairs, which until recently were covered by the invasive vines, serve as a bridge between one level and the next.


Daily Prompt: Bridge