From Darkness to Light Day 10 by Linda Lee Lyberg

I was very moved by this post by Linda Lee Lyberg. It is part of The Seekers Dungeon’s “From Darkness to Light” guest post event. Consider reading this post…  and the other posts in the series. In fact, consider writing for the event yourself!

The Seeker's Dungeon

The Last Call

by Linda Lee Lyberg of Charmed Chaos

Death collects its ransom from the living.

February 18,1994.
3AM. The phone beside my bed is ringing. Nothing good ever comes from a call at 3AM and this one is no different.

Forcing myself from slumber, I answer.
Screaming and yelling on the other end of the line.
“Get over here now! I need to talk with you immediately!”
My trembling voice, “I can’t, not this time. I have to work in the morning.”
“I don’t care I want you to come now.”
Again, I say “I can’t, I told you I have to work in the morning. There’s nothing more to talk about. I have asked you over and over to get help, I can’t do this anymore. Get some sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow. I will always love you but you have to get help.” These are the last…

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On Living and Dying Day 15 by Sreejit Poole

I think this is one of the best posts Sreejit has ever written.

The Seeker's Dungeon

Beyond biology, the need to be more

by Sreejit Poole

How could we just be gone forever?

Growing up, my conception of God and mysticism was on par with my romanticizing of after school cartoons. I wanted to believe in the world of the Thunder Cats, of magic portals, of closets that took us to other realms, and if I tried, I was sure that I could breathe them into existence.

I once called a friend on the phone and told him that he had to come over immediately, because I found a way to turn my bathroom mirror into a secret portal to another dimension; a dimension where we would be warriors fighting the forces of evil. My friend convinced his mom to bring him the 20 minutes to my house only to find that my bathroom mirror was only good for reflections. I was sure that if I…

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With My Last Breath

As usual, this week’s Dungeon Prompt is one that makes us explore our inner realms. Here are the questions we were asked to address:

Imagine that you were in an accident and you can feel your life fading away.  With your last breaths, what does your mind fly to?  Are you scared? Accepting? Worried for friends or family, work unfinished or some other business?  Does your focus change to the hereafter?  With your final breaths, to what do you cling?

I had an experience about 17 years ago that gave me some sense of what might happen when that time of my life comes.  In December of 1997, I took my yearly trip to Amritapuri, Amma’s ashram in Kerala, India. Half-way between Singapore and India, our plane started shaking. Simultaneously all of the oxygen masks fell from their compartments. As we struggled to put on our masks, the plane started falling, first 15,000 feet, then another 10,000. The entire fall took about a minute. As the plane began to descend, my daughter and I glanced at each other and then we each focused inward. My mantra immediately started flowing freely within me. With the mantra came a great sense of peace.  I had awareness that if I died that day, I could leave the earth without regret. I had no sense of unfinished business. (You can learn more about that experience at A Reason to Believe.) Continue reading “With My Last Breath”

The Truth I Live By

In looking back over the posts I’ve written since I started my blog, I found that the most popular one was my first, Living in Gratitude.  As I pondered writing some kind of  followup to that post, it occurred to me that today is the perfect day for me to share something my youngest brother wrote before he died of cancer at the age of 39. It is a piece that has meant so much to me. Continue reading “The Truth I Live By”