Song Lyric Sunday: Ode to Women

Helen’s directions for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is to  post a song with a flower in the title and/or lyrics. I had already decided to share a new music video from Empty Hands Music. When I watched the video again in preparation for writing this post, I was delighted to see that it opens with the view of many women walking down a pathway of flower petals! So, it relates to Helen’s theme in a very loose way.

Ode to Women was written ten years ago by three South Asian Hip Hop artists- Nimo, Swap and KB. They recently reunited, along with filmmaker Ellie Walton, for the purpose of producing this video for Mother’s Day. Nimo wrote that it is meant to be “… a celebration of women from the male perspective and a chance for us to express gratitude for all that they mean to us.” The artists dedicated their work to all mothers and women across the world.

There is no reasonable way for me to capture and print all of the song’s lyrics, but many of them are shown as subtitles. I hope listening to and watching the music video brings tears to your eyes, like it did to mine. Enjoy.

On Living and Dying Day 8 by Alfred Poole

When I woke up this morning, I found an email notice in my inbox saying this post had gone up on The Seeker’s Dungeon. As I read through it, I received what was probably the biggest surprise in my life, and an incredible Mother’s Day present.

For those of you who don’t know, Al is my ex husband and father of Sreejit and Chaitanya. Our life has gone through so many phases. Sometimes our paths merged or were side by side, sometimes they were close together and for many years there was a lot of distance between us, even though we still worked together in raising our children.

I think this post is a great reminder to me, and others, that you never know where life’s road will take you and that healing of relationships can and does happen.

I feel very blessed.