Nimo: Superhero Music Video

On April 10, Nimo Patel from Empty Hands Music  sent this request to people around the world:

We are currently working on a new music video called “Superhero” to celebrate those people on the Front line of this crisis, AS WELL AS highlight small acts of love during this time. WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOUR FOOTAGE TO BE IN THE VIDEO! 

Then today, I received an email saying the video was live! Here it is:

Nimo: Prayer Music Video

Nimo Patel from Empty Hands Music just released a new music video, so I, as usual, am sending it out right away.

This was the message that went with it:

These are unprecedented times for all of us. We need to act now: to serve, to support the collective and to help those in need. We also need to pray. Most of us cannot leave home, but we can send positive vibrations into the world, the air, our ears, our hearts, and our minds. We need to pray to change the energy field. Prayer can be anything your heart yearns for. Share your love and prayers everyday for all of humanity and all of Planet Earth. We need it and we can all do that wherever we are. In isolation or in community. Love you all.

Nimo Patel: We Shall Overcome

Any of you who have read my blog for a while will know that I love Nimo Patel’s music. This morning, I was notified that he had just released a new music video.

With so much that is negative and demoralizing going on in my country, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of hope. Watching and listening to Nimo’s new video was what I needed in this moment. I’m crying … and feeling gratitude… from the depth of my heart.

To learn more about Nimo Patel click here.

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To download the Empty Hands Music album for free click here.

A New Song from Nimo- Graduation: A Song to Live By

This new song and music video from Nimo of Empty Hands Music was written with graduates in mind but I believe the wisdom it contains is an an important reminder to all of us.  I love it!

Grateful: A Love Song to the World

Every year at this time, Nimo Patel shares his Empty Hands Music video Grateful. This year he included this message with it:

Grateful for the many blessings that are always surrounding us. When our cup of gratitude overflows, we are inspired to want to give more to others: thanks + giving. May we all continue to be grateful and giving, and have a blessed and safe holiday season!

In that spirit, I am passing his message and video on to you.


Song Lyric Sunday: Ode to Women

Helen’s directions for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is to  post a song with a flower in the title and/or lyrics. I had already decided to share a new music video from Empty Hands Music. When I watched the video again in preparation for writing this post, I was delighted to see that it opens with the view of many women walking down a pathway of flower petals! So, it relates to Helen’s theme in a very loose way.

Ode to Women was written ten years ago by three South Asian Hip Hop artists- Nimo, Swap and KB. They recently reunited, along with filmmaker Ellie Walton, for the purpose of producing this video for Mother’s Day. Nimo wrote that it is meant to be “… a celebration of women from the male perspective and a chance for us to express gratitude for all that they mean to us.” The artists dedicated their work to all mothers and women across the world.

There is no reasonable way for me to capture and print all of the song’s lyrics, but many of them are shown as subtitles. I hope listening to and watching the music video brings tears to your eyes, like it did to mine. Enjoy.

More from Nimo Patel

After I posted Grateful for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday, I found a music video of Nimo’s that I hadn’t seen before. That video, Being Kind, may be my favorite. It is certainly what I need to hear and watch during these turbulent times.

I love Nimo’s music and what he stands for. For those of you who are new to him, know that he went to an Ivy League college and afterwards worked on Wall Street. Next, he became a well known MTV Rap star. In his mid-twenties, he realized that the “only path to light was through selfless service to others and his own internal purification.” For  the last five-and-a-half years he has been living at the Gandhi Ashram in Gujarat, India. That ashram serves underprivileged children in the slums of Ahmedebad.

He started the 501-c3 organization Empty Hands Music.

Nimo chose the title ‘Empty Hands’, because of the profound wisdom we all can gain when we understand this deeper truth: that we arrive on this planet empty handed and we will all soon leave empty handed. So then, how and in what spirit do we want to spend the time in between?

Empty Hands Music is offered in the spirit of love, peace and oneness. Download the free Empty Hands Music album here.

Here is the Being Kind video. The song’s lyrics will follow the video.


Written and Performed by Nimesh Patel
Beat Produced by Epistra
Song Mixed by Brian Nicholls

(Verse 1)
Well my heart starts sinkin’
And I’m thinkin whats the reason
Why we holding back from being kind
What’s the disease, but then I sense

We are fine, it’ll all happen
One small step at a time

When the world is full of violence
And it needs a little kindness
I just sit in pray in silence
And God shows me the signs

Open my eyes, realize,
We are fine, one small act at a time

Last night I’m walking home
And a homeless man says ‘hello’
With a smile to let me know
That he’s gotta lotta hope

He says have faith, young man, we are fine
The world is kind, one small act at a time

Small acts we do together
Even though may be alone
Changes the world for the better
So we can call it home

And this is life as know
When our hearts are aligned
The magic that unfolds
One small act at a time

(Chorus 1)
Throw your hearts up
Let it fly high
Let your love for all the world
Spread Through the skies
Let it drop down
Let it all go
Spreading kindness to every
Single Living soul

Can you see your love … for me shining through
Cuz what you see in me, I can see in you
And soon enough, you and me … we’ll be outta time
And kindness … will be all we can leave behind

(Verse 2)
Feeling grateful today, Never thought this day would come
Where I would feel it and say, That each and everyone one of us,
Has paved the way doing good and now we’re all just moving up
When I’m kind to you, you pay-it-forward, this is how we build trust

Never had faith, but now I’m seeing you eye to eye
Wanna gift you my life, wanna spread love before I die,
Thank you God … for finally letting me realize
When I serve man, I’m really serving you in disguise

Smiles everywhere, cuz now everybody’s got the bug
Ain’t no life, without the love, if it is, it ain’t no fun,
What we gonna do now, just grab a friend give a hug
Spread it out real wide, so everyone can be touched

(Chorus 2)

Oohhh …
All we can leave behind,
For you and I kindness is all we can leave behind
All we can leave behind
For you and I kindness is all we can leave behind
Ohhh … Behind, Behind, When all is said and done,
Kindness is all we can leave behind


Song Lyric Sunday: Grateful


Helen’s direction for this week’s  Song Lyric Sunday is to share a song about gratitude. I was looking for a chance to share another one of Nimo’s Empty Hands Music videos so I’m very grateful she chose that theme.

The song I will share is  Grateful: A Love Song to the World by Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod.


Verse 1:

You’re my life,
You’re my breath,
You’re a smile
You my guest

You’re the earth
You’re the sun
You’re the grass
You are love

You’re my hands
You’re a bug
You’re my eyes
You’re a hug

You’re the light
In the dark
You’re the spark
You are fun

You’re my mom
You are water
You’re the stars
You’re my daughter

You’re my friend
Till the end
You’re my dreams
You’re my father

You’re the ants on the ground
The miracles that surround
I’m feelin’ it all around
The hemisphere and the clouds

You’re my pain you’re my sorrow
You’re my hope for tomorrow
You’re the strength when I’m hollow
You’re the path that I follow

You’re the blessings that exist
The small things that are bliss
The gift to realize that
Everything is a gift

All that I am
All that I see
All that I’ve been and all that I’ll ever be
Is a blessing
It’s so amazing
And I’m grateful for it all, for it all

Verse 2:

You’re the blessings
Every time I try to count,
You’re the lessons
That l learn
Every time I turn around,
You’re the water when I’m burned
Every time I think I’ve found
Everything I’m looking for,
You’re the sign sayin’
Stop to take a bow

And keep moving forward
And start looking towards your heart,
it’ll open all the doors
And only then you’ll start
To hear the world sing in chorus
With your mind and heart
Aligned in purpose
Everything will feel gorgeous

All that I am
All that I see
All that I’ve been and all that I’ll ever be
Is a blessing
It’s so amazing
And I’m grateful for it all, for it all

Breakdown 1:
Everyday I sit and pray
Cuz what I have is
More than I deserve
Or could ever imagine
How do I give back
To all of this magic
And spread the love
So everybody can have it

Doesn’t matter if I’m rich or poor
If I gotta family or if I’m all alone
Bad things happen I can just complain and moan
But there’s a million things that I can be grateful for

Breakdown 2:
So I lift up my hands now
And I open my heart
And my gratitude goes out
To everything near and far

Final Chorus:
Everything I am
And everything I see
Everything I hope
And everything I dream
Everything I feel
And everything I be
I Look deep down
And feel all the blessings
I’m grateful for it all
It’s amazing

All that I am
All that I see
All that I’ve been and all that I’ll ever be
Is a blessing
Its so amazing
And I’m grateful for it all, for it all


You’re the blessings that exist
The small things that are bliss
The gift to realize that
Everything is a gift

Be sure to watch the fun outtakes at the end of the video. You will also be able to download the free Empty Hands Music album should you want to do that.