Nirmala (AKA Gavi) and Carlos’ Boat Journey to the San Juan Islands (US) and the Gulf Islands (Canada) August 2022

Nirmala in summer disguise!
Roche Harbor, San Juan Island

Picture is showing sandstone formations known as Malaspina Galleries on Galiano Island,

The next three photos were taken from the top of Mt Galiano in the Gulf Islands in Canada.

A day on Stuart Island, hiking six miles to lighthouse and back to boat. The photos below are from that day.

Watching the Creek from My Window- Part 5

There was so much snow in the Northwest last week. Many people in the Seattle-Bellevue-Woodinville areas were snowed in until yesterday. It was supposed to snow here all through the night last night but this morning the snow was mostly gone. It had rained instead.

I took a video of the creek this morning. Balancing myself, my walker and the camera was tough. So it is not the best video but it shows what I wanted to show you.