How I Spend My Days in Amritapuri- मम प्रतिदिनस्य (2014)

My Daily Schedule (मम प्रतिदिनस्य)

As many of you know, I stay quite busy in Seattle, but my Seattle life looks like a life of leisure when compared to my time in Amritapuri!  In this post, I will not only describe what my day is like, I will also practice my Sanskrit.  So if some of my sentences seem strangely simplistic that is why!

At 4:00 a.m., I get up (चतुर्वादने प्रातःकले उत्तिष्ठामि|)

At 4:45, I go to the temple (पदोन-पञ्चवादने देवालयं गच्छामः|)

We chant the 108 Names of Amma and the Sri Lalita Sahasranamavali, and sing the Mahishasuramardini Stotra (वयं १०८ अम्बायाः नामानि,श्रि-ललिता-सहस्रनामावलिं, महिषासुरमर्दिनीं स्तोत्रं च वदामः|) Continue reading “How I Spend My Days in Amritapuri- मम प्रतिदिनस्य (2014)”