Sunset: Two Suns???

Amma’s mother passed away this week. (Amma is my spiritual teacher.) Her mother was 97. On the day she passed, Vedavati snapped this sunset photo. It looks like there are two suns but it is more likely to be a reflection of some kind. Still, it seems significant that it happened on the day Amma’s mother passed.

Photos from Amritapuri, India Window

Vedavati sent this photo of Thursday’s sunset.

She went on to say: “This is the 1st sunset in a while that we had any clouds.” and “I was watching the sunset and all of a sudden these birds started flying and I thought wouldnt it be fun if I got a shot of a bird. Didn’t expect this!”

I decided to surprise her by cropping the bird photo. It didn’t come out clear but looks ethereal to me. Other worldly!