Challenge for Growth Prompts: First Month’s Summary

20150726_193653The first Challenge for Growth Prompt was published on January 6, 2016.  Since then there have been three more.  I realize many of you may not have seen the posts that were written by those who participated, so have decided to publish a summary at the end of each month.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

I give thanks to all of you who contributed to some or all of January’s challenges, whether it was by publishing a post, by reading the posts published by others or by reading and thinking about the challenge topics.

Know that everyone is still welcome to write posts for any of these challenges.  If you decide to do that, I will add your contribution to the appropriate challenge page and to the monthly summary.

Challenge for Growth Prompt #1: Needs vs Wants

The Bliss We Seek- The Seeker’s Dungeon

2016 Needs- Self Therapy

Needs vs Wants (Haibun)- Traces of the Soul

Resolve- Dream Cloud Diaries

Compassion’s Desires (Haibun)- Tournesol dans un Jardin

Are My Trips to Amritapuri Fulfilling a Need or a Want?- Living, Learning and Letting Go

The Needing Want- Nik’s Place

Needs vs Wants- Journey of a Warrior Womyn


Challenge for Growth Prompt #2: Looking for the Good in Others

On Humans and Humanity- The Seeker’s Dungeon

Today I look for the good qualities in others- Journey of a Warrior Womyn

There is No “Other”- Living, Learning and Letting Go

Khuśiyōm Kī Bahār- Living, Learning and Letting Go

Through the Shadows- Nik’s Place

finding the light side (free verse)- Traces of the Soul

Challenge for Growth Prompt #2- Annette’s Place


Challenge for Growth Prompt #3: Learning to Be

What Does It Mean to Be? – Living, Learning and Letting Go

Painting Our Illusions- Where Love Meets War

Failure to Be- Nik’s Place

Being Her True Self- Traces of the Soul

Learning to Be- Journey of a Warrior Womyn


Challenge for Growth Prompt #4: Think Before Saying Yes or No

The Making of Yes- Nik’s Place

And to the World I Say- Where Love Meets War

Why Do We Behave the Way We Do?- Living, Learning and Letting Go


The next challenge will be posted at 5:00 a.m. (PST) tomorrow!

Burning Down the House

One of the first things I saw this morning was the Word Press Daily Prompt entitled Burning Down the House.

The writing directions were:

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?


Five items instantly popped into my head.  I’ve continued to ponder that question throughout the day and my answer has not changed.  Even though I believe I could walk away from any of my belongings, these are the five that came to mind.


20140918_154756New Laptop



355px-Samsung_Galaxy_S3_(GT-I9300)_16GB_Pebble_bluePhoto Credit: Wikimedia

Samsung Galaxy S3

I couldn’t take my own picture of this since my camera is on the phone!


#3 and #4



Years ago I made each of my children an album containing pictures from throughout their life. They both live in India now and the albums would not fare well in the heat there so I am storing them at my house in Seattle.



20140628_083124Headband from my hippie days!


Reflection: What Would/Should I Do?

Oliana from Traces of the Soul has started offering a weekly writing prompt. This week’s prompt Silent witnesses – Bystanders asked:

“What are your thoughts about bystanders who get involved, those who watch and for various reasons do not help, speak out or get help?  Write a poem, a story (fiction or true) about a situation related to a bystander or witness of some form of offensive behaviour.”

When I read Oliana’s prompt last night, my mind went immediately to December of last year. My children and I were in India when we received a phone call Continue reading “Reflection: What Would/Should I Do?”