Mega Cabbage Feeds 275 People

I found this video so inspiring that I cried.  I hope you are moved by it too.

In 2008, when she was in third grade, Katie Stagliano planted a seed that grew into a 40 pound cabbage. She took it to a local soup kitchen where it was cooked, along with ham and rice, and served to 275 people. But the story only starts there. Watch the video to learn more.

14 thoughts on “Mega Cabbage Feeds 275 People

  1. Beautiful, “from the mouth of a babe” to grow food and feed the hungry as being the right thing to do. Yet, we have local laws and regulations that prohibit serving prepared meals to the homeless on city streets. Shameless.

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    1. Some Seattle mayors have tried to stop groups from feeding the homeless on the street but police tend to look the other way. And now there are some officially sanctioned feeding programs that serve food outdoors.


    1. I came back from Dallas and Atlanta yesterday. My garden has grown so much it is bigger than the space that contains it. This is going to be interesting to figure out. And I’m going to be picking squash today. There will be definitely some for the food bank. And I will be eating squash 3 meals a day I think!


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