A Glimpse into the Worm Bin

Vermi-composting is a process by which worms make high quality fertilizer for the garden.  I have a large outdoor worm bin as well  a smaller bin that stays in the house during the winter and on my deck the rest of the year.  I blend most of the food scraps I put into both worm bins, but last week I decided to put some bigger pieces of food in the small bin so that I could watch the worms at work.

First, I gave them part of a large round zucchini that had been partially cooked.  I tore it into 4 pieces before I put it into the bin.  Within 36 hours nothing remained of the zucchini except the skin and the hard stalk that had connected it to the plant.

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Next, I decided to put an acorn squash that had fallen off of the vine and was starting to deteriorate in the bin.  Again, I tore it into four pieces.  This time the vegetable was raw so it is taking considerably longer for the worms to eat it.

I took these photographs over a three-and-a-half day period.  It is clear that only the seeds and probably the skin will be left when the worms finish their meal!

13 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the Worm Bin

    1. When we bought this house in 1973, it was largely because it was like a rural area in the middle of the city. I gardened quite a bit in the early days. There was a pantry downstairs at that time and I canned a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is fun to be returning to some of those interests.

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    1. I have both an indoor and an outdoor bin. I keep the indoor one on my back deck during the summer but the rest of the time it is in the kitchen too. It is meant to be in the kitchen.


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