Light Amidst the Tragedy

Right now there are wildfires burning all over the west coast of the U.S.  In Washington State, 100 fires cover 390,000 acres.  Two days ago, near Twisp WA, a fire overtook a vehicle carrying seven firefighters, killing three of them and wounding four others.

While the tragedy related to these fires is far from over, I was so moved when I saw this sign on a King 5 TV news report last night.  The sign was left by a family who lives near Twisp.

Photo credit @King5Seattle and Scoopnest


15 thoughts on “Light Amidst the Tragedy

    1. I’m certainly thinking a lot about the firefighters today. I heard that more than a million acres have burned in Eastern Washington and the fires are not at all contained. The air is smoky here in Seattle. Everything is so dry here too.

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    1. We had heavy rain one day a week or so ago, and that rain was more than we have had in the last 3 1/2 months combined. And there hasn’t been any since.

      I heard yesterday that the fires in Eastern Washington have burned more than a million acres and they are still not in control. It’s bad.

      Even on this side of the mountains it is incredibly dry.


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