Family (Echo Poem)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

On Thursday, Sreejit announced that this week’s Dungeon Prompt will be the last of the year due to his upcoming Walking with Intention event.  He proposed that we write about Family.

Around the same time I read an echo poem written by Oliana on Traces of the Soul.  I decided to see if I could create a poem using that style.

Oliana stated that in an echo poem “the last syllable or two of a main line is repeated, perhaps with different spelling or meaning, as if an echo; usually this echo will be indented to a point under or beyond the syllable it mimics and will function as an independent line of one or two syllables.”

Here is my beginner’s attempt!


left home at seventeen, did not look back
life unfolds- study, marry, children arrive
challenges occur- divorce and illness
families of choice materialize
ancient wounds healing, become whole again
belonging and connection do abound
love found

16 thoughts on “Family (Echo Poem)

  1. Cool poem. I haven’t tried this type before. The last 2 lines (4 with echo) are my favorite. “ancient wounds healing, become whole again when belonging and connection do abound – love found.” – Nice.

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  2. You did good, Karuna! I only did my first try at this form and may try it again too. I sort of like the idea of using this form for Sreejit’s prompt…if not, I will try some poetic form of sorts since I am at my last week of OctPoWriMo.

    ancient wounds make you stronger
    life to feel blessed
    of your life:)

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  3. An interesting creative challenge, which you achieved admirably. You make family sound like a necessary teleological construct, something we need to embrace – whether through blood ties or love alone – in order to become whole.

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