Naiva Klishta Na Cha Kathina नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना

Each week, the Sanskrit class I attend opens with us singing “Naiva Klishta Na Cha Kadhina.”  I love the song and it frequently plays in my head during the day and during the night.

Last week I found it on YouTube.

I asked my teacher what the words meant and he suggested that members of the class translate it.  One of the other students and I are going to do that.  As you can see below, there are lots of verses.

naiva 2

I finished my attempt at translating the first verse.  It appears to be a list of some of the qualities of Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is:

lovely, easy to understand, universally agreeable to the mind.

elegant, beloved, to be enjoyed

sweet speech

not obscure and not difficult

I look forward to working on  the other verses.  And I am also looking forward to seeing what my classmate comes up with!

11 thoughts on “Naiva Klishta Na Cha Kathina नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना

  1. So sweet! I need a song like that to sing every morning about life itself…Lovely, elegant, beloved, to be enjoyed, not obscure and not difficult….

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  2. Fantastic to have found this over a year later. Our teacher sent us a file with this song this morning and low and behold I fell upon YOUR page when doing a search for the meaning! I look forward to perusing the rest of your blog.

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    1. I’m glad that you found it and also that you told me. I just saw in your next comment that you are Dayakar. Awesome!!!! So are you in Amritapuri now or on the tour or somewhere else?


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