Using Affirmations as Mantras

Mantras are most often used by Eastern religious communities. They are frequently a short Sanskrit sentence that means “I bow to God.” People are encouraged to say their mantra all day every day. Saying a mantra quiets people’s minds and in so doing they are better able to focus on God.

During the years that I was a psychotherapist who did group therapy, my co-therapists and I had clients use affirmations as mantras. They were encouraged to say the mantra/affirmation at least 1000 times a day for 21 days. Some affirmations you could consider using in this wayl are “I am Love.””I am beautiful through and through.””I deserve respect. “”

Saying mantras/affirmations this way can also be used to change self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. An example of this type of affirmation will be found in the next post.

If you decide to try this process out, please leave a message in the comment section below to let us know how it worked for you.

4 thoughts on “Using Affirmations as Mantras

  1. Hello Karuna!

    My name is Nigama. We spoke back around 2017.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple weeks ago. I am working on letting go of all self-hatred and self-harm as part of my healing. I’m going to work with your practice of affirmations as mantras. Chanting it 1000x/day is a great challenge. I’m so curious what I’ll experience from it. I’ll keep you posted.


    PS I’m going to Amma’s bday celebration here in Marlborough, MA tomorrow. Jai Ma!

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