Amritapuri Sunrise

This morning I decided it was high time for me to watch the sunrise. And what an experience it was.













I can’t believe that it took me three weeks to open the curtains of my room first thing in the morning so that I could see the beauty of the sunrise. What a metaphor that is for life. We miss so much because of the blinders we wear.

Quite a few of the photos I took towards the end of this series had a blue orb in it. I’m thinking the camera may have been reacting to the blinding light of the sun, although that is only a guess.


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Early Morning Mystery

When I looked out of my flat’s window in Amritapuri, India this morning, this was my view:


Then I looked to the left and saw this:


Three suns, one to the right and two to the left. That was a bit disconcerting until I realized when I looked to the left, I was seeing the reflection of the sun in two different windows.

I looked back to the right and this time I saw:


What was going on?

I decided to go outside to see what it looked like. That way I would be away from all windows.


But when I took a close up shot, I saw:


So is that an orb to the right? It certainly isn’t due to a window. I’m done with guessing but I sure would be interested in knowing your theories. This was a fun way to begin my day!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

I have been fascinated by this photo ever since I took it.  Not only is the sun a circle, but so is the reddish area around it.  I had wondered if it was some kind of an orb, or if it was something the camera created.

If anyone knows what caused the circle around the sun, please tell me!



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