Amma’s 2018 Summer Tour Starts Today

June 2 – July 11

Amma’s arms are open to everyone. Most people come to experience her embrace, her unique way of spreading comfort to the world. Some are drawn to her charitable works. Or to learn more from one of the preeminent spiritual teachers of our time. However they come, most end up being moved and inspired by one of the world’s most accessible humanitarian leaders.

Seattle, WA June 2-3
Bay Area, CA (MA Center) June 5-10 (Retreat – June 8-10)
Los Angeles, CA June 12-14
Santa Fe, NM June 16-19 (Retreat – June 17-19)
Denton, TX June 21-22
Chicago area (MA Center Chicago) June 24-26 
Marlborough, MA June 28-29
Washington, DC July 1-2
New York, NY July 4 – 6
Toronto, Canada July 8-11 (Retreat – July 9-11)

For more details and for retreat registration, visit Amma’s North America Tour

Amma: Let Us Pray



When I travel around the globe, people from war-stricken countries often come to see me. Women from these areas tell me, “We wake up in the morning to the sounds of gun-fire and screaming. Our children cling to us in fear and cry; we also hold onto them and cry. It’s been so many years since we awoke to the chirping of birds.”

Let us pray that the crackle of gunfire in such places is soon replaced by the sweet sounds of chirping birds, and that the young and old alike burst into laughter instead of tears.




Amma is leading programs in North America until July 20.  She is in San Ramon, California now and then will go to Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, New York City and Toronto.  Schedule

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Warmth for me is being in Amma’s arms, any place, any time, for as long as possible!  I feel especially warm inside if I am being held when she is laughing.

Amma's hug
Amma’s hug



Submitted for Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Instructions: Whether you live on my side of the planet or in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoying real heat on the beach or in your yard, show us your take on warmth. You can go from the literal (saunas! scarves! steaming cups of tea!) to the figurative (the embrace of family members coming together for the holidays, the look of affection on your pet’s face, or even just a photo with a particularly warm color palette, no matter its subject matter).

Clarification:  I am Graced to have this photo but it is not one I personally took.  I happened to be in Amma’s arms when she was watching a play during her Boston programs many years ago.