On the Road with Sreejit

My son Sreejit has been working in the kitchen on Amma’s South Kerala and North India tours.  Most of the pictures below are of Sreejit’s kitchen friends.  As you look at them, consider that the temperatures in these cities range between 90 and 100 degrees!

Kanyakumari programs


Cooking in Chennai


On the road to Bangalore (Sreejit’s in the middle)


Kitchen work in Bangalore




All of the pictures are from Sreejit’s Facebook page.


Naiva Klishta Na Cha Kathina नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना

Each week, the Sanskrit class I attend opens with us singing “Naiva Klishta Na Cha Kadhina.”  I love the song and it frequently plays in my head during the day and during the night.

Last week I found it on YouTube.

I asked my teacher what the words meant and he suggested that members of the class translate it.  One of the other students and I are going to do that.  As you can see below, there are lots of verses.

naiva 2

I finished my attempt at translating the first verse.  It appears to be a list of some of the qualities of Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is:

lovely, easy to understand, universally agreeable to the mind.

elegant, beloved, to be enjoyed

sweet speech

not obscure and not difficult

I look forward to working on  the other verses.  And I am also looking forward to seeing what my classmate comes up with!