Watching the Creek from My Window- Part 6

The pattern I described in earlier posts has continued. It rains hard and the water in the creek area rises and has a current and then if there is no rain for a couple hours, the water disappears and the ground becomes muddy.

We have never had enough rain for the creek to look like a lake the way it did the first time I wrote about it. Those storms were unusual enough to have severe weather warnings.

Several days last week, it rained for so many hours that there were puddles of water on the ground outside of the window of my apartment.

When I looked at the creek, I saw that once again it had water that had a current.

Twice that day when I looked at the creek from my window, I saw that there were two adult ducks swimming in it. Neither time did I have my phone camera handy.

The next day it did not rain. Once again, the area where the creek had been was just muddy ground.

Transformation: Watching the Creek from My Window- Part 2

For most of the time I’ve been here, what is called the “creek” has just been dry ground. On the rare occasions that it rained though, some puddles formed. When it began to rain more frequently, the puddles lasted longer and then turned to mud.

dry “creek”

About two weeks ago, there was a big windstorm and at least one tree fell. (There are pictures related to that incident in my last post.) Since then, friends and I have speculated that one fallen tree might have pulled others over as it tumbled.

Last week it rained heavily. The next time I pulled up the blinds, I had the view below of the creek. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This time it looked more like a lake.

If it hadn’t stopped raining the water likely would have soon gone over the embankment and probably would have made it to my building.

The water was significantly down by the afternoon. I could see ducks, along with a brown animal, playing in the water. When I looked at the brown animal, the word mongoose came to my mind.

I found a picture of a mongoose on the internet. The brown animal could have been a mongoose, but it could also have been something else.

(I’m not wearing glasses regularly nowadays because they fog up when I am wearing a mask and if I have any screen time on the laptop or phone my eyes get blurry so my eyesight is almost never clear.)

The next day the creek was back to just mud and puddles. More logs and branches were visible and they were closer to me. I suspect some had been submerged when I last looked and had become visible again when the lake turned to mud.

Also, it was possible that other trees had fallen in the storms and maybe there was running water under the still water. If so, tree parts may have been washed downstream and were caught here when the creek became mud again.

back to mud and puddles

Rain, Rain and More Rain

It is 6:00 a.m. on December 31 as I start to write this post and it is pouring. When it rains here it can really rain. The fact that there are a lot of metal roofs in the ashram probably enhances the sound, but it would be loud even without them. It is still very dark outside but I can see the puddles forming.

Every time I think it can’t rain harder, it does. I love the sound, and the coolness it brings with it. I think this is what it must be like to be here during the monsoons, although then the rain probably lasts much longer. I’ve been in Amritapuri during the latter part of the monsoons and know how hard it can be to get laundry dry because of the rain.  Continue reading “Rain, Rain and More Rain”