Amma Quotes

Amma is an internationally known humanitarian and spiritual leader. I met her in June of 1989 and have spent time with her every year since then. From time to time, I share Amma quotes on my blog. This is one of those times.

In real prayer there is nothing to ask, nothing to demand, no suggestions. Real prayer is sincere surrender.

When going to bed recollect the day’s activities and try to discriminate between the good and bad.

Never be depressed seeing the obstacles on your path. You have the lamp of faith with you. Light it.

The attitude “I will only accept success” is wrong. Learn to also accept the responsibility of defeat.

If we look at the world with eyes of wisdom and give solace to the suffering through compassionate hands, we will surely reach the shore of peace and bliss.

The Daily Prompt: Tiny

I spent many years sewing tiny dolls that were sold to support Amma’s Embracing the World humanitarian projects. I wonder if making them again will become part of my retirement activities.

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Adventures in Amritapuri, India 2014-2015 : Index


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Each year, I spend six weeks in Amma’s ashram in South Kerala, India.  Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), who is sometimes referred to as The Hugging Saint since she has hugged 33 million people worldwide, is also known for her extensive networks of humanitarian projects called Embracing the World.

My last trip to Amritapuri was from November 30, 2014 to January 9, 2015.  For the first time, I shared my experiences there through this blog. Afterwards, numerous people told me that the posts made them feel like they were taking the journey with me.

I decided to create this index of posts in case anyone else wants to accompany me vicariously on that journey.  Enjoy!


Reminiscing- 1990 to 2014

I have come to Amma’s ashram in Amritapuri, India almost every year since January 1990.  While to me it often feels like nothing has changed during that time, it is also obvious that so much is different.

When I first met Amma she was 35 years old.  Now she is 61.

I arrived soon after the main part of the temple had been finished;  the top floors were not complete.  I remember participating in brick and gravel seva.  We would form human chains and pass the bricks to the top floors, one at a time.  We would also carry bags of gravel where ever they needed to go.  I remember thinking that part of me would remain in Amritapuri when I left India because of all the bricks I had touched.  This is a picture of the temple as it looks today. Continue reading “Reminiscing- 1990 to 2014”

Living and Learning in Amritapuri- Dec 15-18, 2014


December 15

After having so much emotion for the last two days, I was exhausted on the 15th. By the afternoon, I felt really ragged. Amma was at the beach meditating with the ashram residents. My general practice is to go late so I arrive just before a question and answer period begins; I’m as avoidant of meditation as ever!

Sreejit was in the kitchen cooking, so I decided to take some papaya to him before I went to the beach. On my way there, a crow dumped on my head. Some people say that is a blessing, I think it was more likely a consequence for my choice to skip the meditation. Continue reading “Living and Learning in Amritapuri- Dec 15-18, 2014”

April PNW GreenFriends Newsletter

One of my favorite projects is to put together a monthly Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter. (GreenFriends is an environmental international initiative of Embracing the World,)

While I no doubt will write about our PNW Litter Project and other GreenFriends projects in future posts, I thought I would share the April 2014 Newsletter with you now. At this point it is my favorite. Continue reading “April PNW GreenFriends Newsletter”