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When I was looking for something else on YouTube a few minutes ago, it occurred to me that a group video which had been made as a gift for Amma might be on it. And it was! The video was posted in August of 2020. Ten thousand participants from 360 cities and 39 countries were involved in making it.

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September 21 was the International Day of Peace. This was Amma’s message that day.

Let there be goodness, prosperity, health, happiness, peace, and abundance for everyone. May Mother Nature forgive our mistakes and bless us with a year in which there are no natural disasters. May everyone’s stomach be full and may everyone have a roof over his head. May there be peace on every corner of the earth. Let us sow good thoughts and reap good actions. Let us sow good actions and reap good habits. From good habits and behaviour, we can build a beautiful life. Through living a good life, we can rewrite our destiny. The strength, courage and goodness to overcome difficult situations is inherent within each of us. We need to awaken them. If we have a heart that doesn’t lose hope and a mind that’s always cheerful, we will be able to see newness and find happiness in everything. If we are able to be loving, friendly and content, there can be no greater cause for celebration. May all of you become messengers of love and peace in this world! May grace fill your lives with peace and happiness! – Amma

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Amma, Embodiment of Compassion

Amma, Embodiment of Compassion

For the tiny infant to the eldest elder, she is there.
For the faint of heart and the bravest of the brave, she is there.
For the rich and the poor, for the saint and the sinner, she is there.
For those who are happy and those in despair, she is there.

When I’m sad and lonely, when I’m in danger, she is there.
When my children, friends and family need help, she is there.
When I need momentum to learn and grow, she is there.
When I want a hug because I’m feeling low, she is there.

Amma, embodiment of compassion and love renowned.
I thank you with an appreciation that has no bounds.


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Note:  Most of the pictures come from Amma’s Facebook Page

Written for Writing 201: Hero(ine)  The assignment was to create a ballad using anaphora or epistrophe.  “Anaphora simply means the repetition of the same word (or cluster of words) at the beginning of multiple lines of verse in the same poem. Epistrophe is its counterpart: the repeated words appear at the end of lines.”

Adventures in Amritapuri, India 2014-2015 : Index


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Each year, I spend six weeks in Amma’s ashram in South Kerala, India.  Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), who is sometimes referred to as The Hugging Saint since she has hugged 33 million people worldwide, is also known for her extensive networks of humanitarian projects called Embracing the World.

My last trip to Amritapuri was from November 30, 2014 to January 9, 2015.  For the first time, I shared my experiences there through this blog. Afterwards, numerous people told me that the posts made them feel like they were taking the journey with me.

I decided to create this index of posts in case anyone else wants to accompany me vicariously on that journey.  Enjoy!


Only For This I Pray


As I planned my reminiscing post, I remembered a song that I created in the late 90’s.  I wrote the words first and then asked my friend Meera to translate them into Malayalam, Amma’s language.  Once I had the words, I worked on the tune.  I sung it for Amma both in English and Malayalam.  (FYI, Amma means Mother.)

This is the song.  Please pardon any pronuncation errors!


amma ende karangal ennum ninne sevikkatte
amma ende manass˘ mantrathāl nirayename
amma ende vākkukal ennum ninne pukazhthette
ende hridayam ānandam kond˘ nrittamādatte

ende sneham prakāshamāyi ennenum thilangatte
amma ende vishvāsam valarnnu kondirikkatte
ennenum ammayepole āyi varename
amma itinnu vendi mātram nyan prārthikkyunnu

Mother, may my hands be in service, my mind fill with mantra
May my voice forever sing your praise, my heart dance with joy
May my love shine ever brighter, my faith ever grow
Mother, may each day I become more like you, only for this I pray
Only for this I pray