Khuśiyōm Kī Bahār



The first bhajan (devotional song) that Amma sang after giving her New Year’s Message was Khuśiyōm Kī Bahār, a beautiful, heartfelt song.  Later I looked up the meaning and discovered that the translation is as moving as the tune.


Khuśiyōm Kī Bahār

May all beings be happy and without sorrows.
May all see only the good that is in everything.

May the spring of joy burst forth.
May the world be filled with peace.
O Lord, may we become selfless and free of desires
and thus may we progress steadily towards You.

Let all people in the world be content.
Let them see the divine spark in all others
and let the light of love shine in their hearts.
May all live in harmony.

Let us pray and hope together.
We will chant constantly the divine mantra
that is a prayer for the entire world to be happy.


Source: Bhajanamritam 5:98-99, Mata Amritanandamayi Center


Posted for Challenge for Growth Prompts: Looking for the Good in Others.

Finding Happiness

Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Yesterday, I discovered a blog created by a fifteen-year-old Finnish girl (This Girl’s Bucket List).) She is signing her posts as “ThisGirl” so that is how I will refer to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the pieces ThisGirl had written. When I woke up this morning I noticed she had published a new post, so headed to her blog to see what she had to say.

In the new post, ThisGirl described the guest speaker who talked to students at her school yesterday. The speaker’s name was Marja Korhonen and she “talked” by looking at a board with letters.  A helper then voiced Marja’s message. ThisGirl ended her post with the trailer for Marja’s book.

As I watched the short video, tears started running down my face. Nine hours later, I re-watched it and had the same reaction. Once again, I have been presented with a person whose willingness to live life fully inspires me, profoundly inspires me. A person who teaches me that my life will be of value regardless of the circumstances. One who by example lets me know that it is possible for me to be happy no matter what challenges come my way.  As I age, I find I need that reminder more often than ever.

I will leave you with the same video. Be sure to turn on the subtitles by clicking on the CC at the bottom, unless you speak Finnish that is!

Written for Dungeon Prompts: Getting to Our Happy Place

Love Yourself, Love Others



During the last two months, I have been invited by two blogging sisters (SeasonedSistha2 and Tournesol Dans Un Jardin) to write ten four-word sentences about love.  The form of the challenges were different, so I decided to do it my own way!  Here are the sentences that came to my mind:


Love has many forms

Love through a smile
Love through a word
Love through a touch
Love through a look

 Love heals painful wounds
Love leads to happiness
Love helps build communities
Love can transform evil

 Love yourself, Love others


What four-word sentences about love would you like to add?