Sanskrit Writing Practice: Post #3

It has been 58 days since I started writing one of the 108 Names of Amma in ten times in Devanagari (the script used to write Sanskrit words) each day. Many of the “names” are events in Amma‘s early life. The list was compiled decades ago and is frequently used as a chant before meditation or singing.

In my last Sanskrit post, the lines related to Amma having had a vision of Lord Krishna. In this post I am using three lines that follow the one about Amma having had a vision of the Divine Mother holding an instrument called the veena. So these three lines are about what happened once her vision disappeared.

Day 48

देवी सद्य: तिरोधान ताप व्यथित चेतसे नम :
devi sadyas tirodhana tapa vyathita chetase namah
…whose heart was burnt in the fire of sorrow on the Divine Mother’s sudden disappearance,

Day 50

त्यक्तान्न पान निद्रदी निद्रादि सर्व दैहिक धर्मणे नम:
tyaktanna pana nidradi sarva daihika dharmane namah
… who gave up all bodily activities like eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.

Note: In doing this post, I see that I didn’t write pana in any of my sentences. Whoops.

Day 51

कुररादि समानीत भक्ष्य पोषित वर्ष्मणे नम:
kuraradi samanita bhakshya poshita varshmane namah
whose body was nourished by the food brought by birds and other animals

Note: I only wanted to use three lines in this post. Day 49 was “… whose sorrowful wailing was rending the ears of the four quarters.”

भारतं गमिष्यामि

One of the things I am passionate about is learning Sanskrit.  There is a meditative verse that is often sung at Sanskrit events. In this song, students pledge dedication to their Sanskrit studies.  I am going to begin this post by singing that verse.  Please forgive any  mispronunciation; some Sanskrit letters are still difficult for me to say correctly.

शुक्रवासरे अष्टाविंशत्-दिनांके  -November-मासे भारतं गमिष्यामि
On Friday November 28, I will go to India.

द्विवादने विमानपत्तनं चालिष्यामि
At 2:00 I will drive to the airport. Continue reading “भारतं गमिष्यामि”