What Really Happened!

Tom went towards the food supplies and Satvamrita said “No No No” to him. Tom backed out of the room and bounded up the stairs passing Satvamrita in the process. Satvamrita had seen him pass someone on the stairs earlier in the day so he wasn’t nervous. Tom stopped briefly and looked at Satvamrita, scratched a place on himself that itched and nonchalantly walked away.

Nightmare Monkey 2- Fake Story-Total Fiction

On April 17, I published the first nightmare monkey story on my blog. I thought of another nightmare monkey story when I saw this video with Tom, the new monkey that recently showed up.

Tom casually strolled into the cafe only to be greeted by Satvamrita who told Tom that he could not have the food he wanted. Tom rushed up the stairs passing Satvamrita in the process. Satvamrita casually let him pass, thinking that he was the boss of the place.

Tom looked down across the stairs at Satvamrita and saw the smug look in his eyes. Forgetting how old he was and knowing that he had one last fight in him, Tom jumped and growled at Satvamrita baring his sharp teeth. As he watched Satvamrita shake in abject fear, Tom felt some sense of satisfaction. Tom waltzed back into the cafe and took whatever food he wanted, showing all who the real boss of the place was.

Where is Jerry? Did Tom Have Anything to with His Disappearance?

Jerry has not been seen since Tom showed up at the western café. Tom looks old enough to be Jerry’s father. Is that a clue? Tom has a missing finger and a split lip. He could’ve had a rough life. Could that possibly be a clue?

A New Mystery- Tom

There is another monkey at the ashram. He visited the western cafe yesterday. Satvamrita said he is older than Jerry, has a different hair style and a missing finger. He named this monkey Tom.

Where did he come from? Is he related to Jerry? Are there other monkeys in the ashram? Where has Jerry gone?

Jerry: King of the World?

Jerry, the monkey, has been coming to the ashram’s western cafe almost every day for awhile. He almost always takes eggs.

He also has been seen in other parts of the ashram. From some place, he is getting coconuts. Since half eaten onions have been found, we know he is also taking them. I wonder if he gets coconuts from the man who sells fresh coconut water at the ashram daily.

He never comes to the cafe when it is raining. Where does he find shelter from the rain?

There have been other sightings as well. Yesterday, Akshay saw him walking on two legs like a human. The first video is from yesterday when Satvamrita saw him walking on the tin roof of the auditorium.

When I saw the second video, I thought he looked like a king surveying his kingdom, or was he just ignoring Satvamrita?

Jerry: A New Era?

Three days in a row, Jerry has shown up at the western cafe. Is this the beginning of a new era? Is Jerry growing up? The last monkey post was the first of those days. And this one contains the next two days of videos. As Satvamrita’s mother, I am a bit concerned about the last one. What is for sure is we have the opportunity to work out issues related to living learning and letting go.


The monkey came back to the western cafe after being gone for three days. It had been raining and we weren’t sure if that was what was keeping him away. When he arrived, he was greeted with a new name, Jerry! Satvamrita felt that his old name of “Monkey,” might have been getting on his nerves. It seems Jerry was not too impressed with the new name either. Was he only interested in the eggs? Didn’t he care about the joy we had felt in his presence?

Texas Beauty #2

At a place in the Texas hill country called McKinley Falls, there has been such a drought that the falls little more than trickled. There was also a swimming hole but none of us had a swimming suit. But still, it was beautiful to see.


Inside Natural Bridge Caverns. It’s called the Emerald Pool.
In this cavern, it was 100% humidity. This is water dripping from what is called a veil. We got water dropped in us a few times.


More from the caverns:

A stalactite, growing from the ceiling, almost meets a stalagmite, growing from the floor. (I lightened this photoa little. Karuna)


the bridge that gives the caverns it’s name(natural bridge caverns)

Texas Beauty

Vedavati had to go back to the United States to get a new visa.

Sunrise at Galveston Beach where I’ve gone to all my life, until I left Texas. It was fabulous to go back there.
These Oleanders almost made me feel I was back in Amritapuri. Galveston is full of them too