The Daily Prompt: Trees

I laughed when I saw that the Daily Prompt for today was Trees because trees are a major focus of my life right now. I am managing editor for a monthly Pacific Northwest GreenFriends publication. This month we had a special feature section on trees. Last month, I had an interesting experience with a tree that I named the Guardian. (I subsequently wrote two posts about that tree.) And, with the help of a friend, I have started clearing the blackberry vines, ivy and other invasive plants from the Greenbelt lot that is located behind my Seattle home.

Among the trees I have “freed” are two Hawthorn trees. When I showed the big tree to a neighbor, he pointed out that the smaller one to the east of it was actually part of the same tree. In the photo below you can see both of these trees. Also notice the height of the blackberry vines behind the big tree. This whole lot was covered with those densely packed vines a month ago.


I took the photo above last week; below are some I snapped today.

Large Hawthorn tree


Base of the tree close to where the trunk splits in two. Some of the trunk is still immersed in the blackberry vines.


Long trunk connecting the two trees


The small tree forms


Small tree


The smaller tree is being overpowered by bamboo. I will need to learn more about bamboo.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new passion. I think I could spend the rest of my life working in this lot. I’ve seen so many amazing things already… so there will be many more blog posts to come.

Navaratri is Coming!

Navatratri is a nine day Hindu festival that celebrates three forms of the Goddess, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. The tenth day is called Vijaya Dasham, the festival of victory. This year Navaratri will be October 1-10.

Friends of mine build a beautiful altar for Navaratri. Every item on it has meaning and many of the statues are handmade. I will never forget seeing this altar for the first time; it practically took my breath away. Oh how it sparkled. Continue reading “Navaratri is Coming!”

My Spirit Led Journey

walkway of flowering trees

May 19, 2014

I am not a meditator, but yesterday I found myself  having the opportunity to practice a form of walking meditation that had occurred spontaneously to me many years ago.  I had decided to take a brief walk in my neighborhood. As I began the walk, I realized I was entering an altered state of consciousness. Strange as it may seem to those of you who are reading this post, I decided I would allow my feet to decide where I would go.

As I looked down the street, my vision became more and more tunneled.  I had the sense I was entering a long walkway covered on the sides and above by flowering trees. Continue reading “My Spirit Led Journey”

Seabeck: A Home in the Universe for Me

Around 1980, I started attending a Unitarian Universalist church. Soon thereafter, I heard about an eight day family summer camp that was held at Seabeck Conference Center every year. It was sponsored by Eliot Institute, a regional Unitarian group. I was so excited and knew I wanted to go.

At that point my son was five and my daughter was two.  I decided it would be too much for me to take a two year old to camp, so made plans for Sreejit and me to go. When we crossed the bridge into the conference center that first time, it was like entering another world. A world of unbelievable beauty, where one could relax, make new friends, get hugs, and simply breathe. I felt like I had found my “Home” in the universe. Continue reading “Seabeck: A Home in the Universe for Me”