Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

This is the view from the upper deck of my house. The magnolia tree and the blue spruce are in my yard. Beyond them is the Greenbelt which is full trees and plants awakening.

I love watching ferns in their awakening process. Each of the photos below  is of a different fern. Most of them are in the Greenbelt.

By June, many of them will look like this.


Red Clover: Under the Microscope

At this point, most of the red clover blossoms are withering. I looked at three of the “flowers” under the microscope.




These photos were taken with an iPhone 7 connected to a microscope with an adapter. You can click on any of the galleries to see a closer view.

A Surprising and Disturbing Discovery- Part 1


In 2015, I added three bird houses to my back yard. Last spring, birds came in and out of the houses. I had thought they were making nests, but none of them stayed very long.

A few days ago, I decided it was time for me to look inside them, so I could remove old nests, if there were any, and get the accommodations ready for this year’s guests. I was very surprised by what I found.

Bird House #1

Bird House #2

Bird House #3


Below is a photo of the three nests side by side.


The third nest was built almost to the ceiling of the birdhouse. That nest was more than six inches high; and the top of it was completely flat. Both of those characteristics surprised and disturbed me.

The holes that give access to these bird houses are very small. Does anyone have an idea why a tiny bird would build a nest that large; a nest which practically fills the bird house? And why would a bird make the top of the nest flat, with no place to lay eggs? Do you know anything about this? I’d appreciate any information you could give me.

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A Surprising and Disturbing Discovery- Part 2.    A Surprising and Disturbing Discovery- Part 3


Early in February, I came across a bush a block away from my home that I found intriguing.


I returned to that bush several times over the next month and was surprised to see that it hadn’t changed.


Today, when I was walking outside, I was struck by the sight of a bush ahead of me.  I wondered why I had never seen it before.  Then I realized it was the same plant that I had found so intriguing.  But it had REALLY changed.  This is what I saw:




And extra WOW!


As soon as I returned home, I called my local nursery to order a Ceanothus “Dark Star” shrub!